Libidus Vs Maxidus

Libidus is the previous version of Maxidus. Other words Maxidus is the replacement or the upgraded version of Libidus.


Is there anything went wrong with Libidus?
Answer is absolute nothing goes wrong with Libidus.

Why there is an upgrade version of Libidus to Maxidus?
Answer is simple. Libidus has been in the market for quite sometimes. We have been constantly receiving a lot of feedbacks and suggestion from all our valued customers. We have taken all these valuable feedbacks and suggestion seriously.

Upgrading is a trend nowadays. It applies to all industries or trades.  Example, Hand phones. There is always a constant upgraded version.  In terms of hardware, software or additional features in order to lure more new potential business or becoming the market leaders.  You will see all Hand Phone manufacturers are trying their very best to complete each other with their latest models and designs. If there is a competition, there will be improvement. It applies to us too. We also wanted Maxidus to be the market leader in the herbal sexual enhancements or sex supplements market.

Libidus in the past was commented it was very heaty. It causes serious headache and flushing  but does not apply to all. Only a minor group experienced it.

Some of feedbacks saying Libidus couldn’t mix with alcohol. After a couple of drinks and consuming Libidus there is no effect at all. It was a worst disadvantage of Libidus. As often sexual activities happened after a couple of drinks. If Libidus is able to mix with alcohol that will be better still.

As the main concern here is the heatiness that brought unpleasant side effects. This is the setback that we had.

In order to overcome this issue, numerous of experimental formulas and testing. Failure after failure and finally Maxidus was found.  We countered it with additional herb Momordica charantia L (Ku Gua) (30.0mg) – Ku Gua which also known as “Bitter Gourd” has also been shown to reduce body fat thereby increasing body testosterone levels. A high level of testosterone is essential to increased semen production and sexual desire.. It’s a fantastic source of Vitamin C and in studies in rats; it has been shown to promote antispermatogenesis. Additionally, Chinese researchers have found that it contains proteins which show promise in promoting anti-HIV activity. On top of that,”Ku Gua” has a special characteristic of “cooling effect”

With the new Maxidus formula, we also ensured that Maxidus able to mix with alcohol.  Now Maxidus has satisfied most of Maxidus user’s wishes. All our dreams came true.